The Shiners

    "A Silent Film on Acid"

Shoe Shiner

Meet Gino, the Shoe Shiner, but do not believe your eyes! The Shiners is an hommage to masters like D.W. Griffith, and to some degree, Chaplin.

Bow Tie

In this town, there is order. Everyting seems to be fine on the surface.


But its inhabitants can have fun as well ... and they all have their secrets.

Silent Film Actor

We'll experiment with the style, featuring the muted gestures, pantomime and larger-than-life expressions characteristic of the silent film era.

Man With Cane

The "old times" music will feature authentic instruments ranging from the honky-tonk piano to band organ, calliope, barrel organ, cottage orchestrion, violin piano and piano orchestrion.

Little Red Ridinghood

The film takes place during Prohibition. Ruby, a naive girl who grew up in the forest, comes to the Big City.

Silent Street Scene

She becomes a flapper and joins a bootlegging operation.

Silent Street Scene 2

Little Red Ridinghood meets "The Untouchables".

2 Men With Canes

If "talkies" were never invented, the silent masters would be shooting with a wide aspect ratio, in color.

Bird Droppings on Shoe

We have done some preproduction, test footage is available.

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